Power Hour Strategy Consulting

Walter Voronovic, About, Values

Hey, It’s Walter Voronovic here,

If you’re feeling stuck right now in one of these areas of your business:

  • Direct-to-consumer customer acquisition strategy using paid media channels;
  • Facebook/Google/Youtube/Other Ads technical setup & campaign management;
  • Ad tracking & Attribution;
  • Performance metrics & KPIs;
  • Improving campaign performance & ROI,

I might have the perfect solution for you.

And it’s called Power Hour Strategy Consulting!

Here’s how it works / step-by-step process

  • To start, fill out a quick survey at the bottom of this page. Be as specific and detailed as possible regarding your situation/question/strategy.
  • I’ll reach out to ask clarifying questions or request access to analytics accounts, ad accounts, or performance reports.
  • If I can resolve your issue/come up with a detailed plan of action, I’ll send over a payment link.
  • After receiving the payment, I’ll prepare a plan of action/solution for you to execute & resolve your problem.
  • We’ll schedule a meeting online, and I’ll present the step-by-step solution or strategy & answer your questions.
  • After the presentation, you keep all the prepared materials, presentations, strategies & documents, but I retain the right to use similar plans for other clients.
  • If you’re satisfied with the service, I’ll ask for a testimonial at the end of the presentation.
  • If my step-by-step plans, strategies, or tactics do not resolve your issue or improve ROI after applying them within 30 days, I’ll issue a full no-questions-asked refund.

How much it costs.


What’s included:

  • Research;
  • Strategy plan with the presentation (Online presentation or document);
  • One consultation (up to an hour);

How to get started.

  • Start by filling out the form below.